Loctell Custom Projects!

Here you will find all the custom projects we have worked on, Please select the one which you are intrested in.

  • Project 1

    Fleet Tracking System

    Our fleet management software is 100% Cloud based, so there's never any physical software to buy or troublesome updates to download. You just have to get our device installed in your vehicle and our softwares starts tracking it.
  • Project 2

    Guard Activity Tracking System

    Loctell Solutions Guard Tracking System(GTS) is a unigue RFID solution for tracking the activities of the guards deployed to secure an area or building or shop. GTS system provides a means to monitor guards in the performance of their duties as well as additional safety precautions such as alert notifications and sending a distress signal when a guard is not performing his duties to his supervisor as well as the command center.
  • Project 3

    Loctell Fuel Management System

    Loctell Solutions has developed a unique solution for monitoring/accounting the fuel consumption of companies for their vehicle and machinery. FAS is designed in such a way that at any given point of time, the company using FAS can track their fuel distribution/consumption right from the petrol bunk from where the fuel is purchased to the vehicle which has been allocated the fuel for its usgae. FAS comes with a variety of reports which is fully customizable. FAS has also an approval work flow, where the recieving party has to approve the amount of fuel recieved, so this helps in bringing more transperancy and accountablity.
  • Project 4

    Loctell Rental Machines

    Loctell Solutions has developed a unique solution for renting the heavy machinery from various agencies.
  • Project 5

    Loctell Messenger

    Loctell Solutions has developed new communication application which allows you to involve the purchase order/inventory files to be shared along with the subordinates and track the progress and is available for a variety of smartphone devices.
  • Project 6

    Loctell Spares Management

    Loctell Solutions has developed a unique solution for a fortuitous place for spares and serendipitous to handle.
  • Project 7

    Civil Engineer Management

    Loctell Solutions Civil Engineer Management.
  • Project 8

    Purchase Order Management

    Loctell Solutions Purchase Order Management.
  • Project 9

    Supervisors Management

    Loctell Solutions Supervisors Management.
  • Project 11

    Blasting Management

    Loctell Solutions Blasting Management.
  • Project 12

    Asset Management

    Loctell Solutions Asset Management.
  • Project 13

    Acc Heads Management

    Loctell Solutions Acc Heads Management.
  • Project 14

    Site Manager Management

    Loctell Solutions Site Manager Management.